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A Night in the Garden: Blossoming Hope for the Future

Cancer has touched the lives of many, leaving lasting marks on families, friends and communities. In the midst of such challenges, there is a ray of hope that shines brightly: community events dedicated to raising funds for cancer research and local support. One such event that recently left the community in awe was, “A Night in the Garden,” a community fundraiser held at Chesterfield Missionary Baptist Church. This event was a true demonstration of the power of unity and determination.

Walking into the event, guests were greeted by smiling faces and an elegant decor that transformed a common area into a garden of dreams, with every detail meticulously planned. From the beautiful floral arrangements, to the linens, backdrops, mouth-watering foods and desserts, the event truly celebrated the beauty of life and all that makes it worthwhile.

Among the highlights of the night was the Grand prize, a 3-hour limousine service and dinner for two at 21 Main. This spectacular prize was generously sponsored by Ocean View Funeral Home and Beach Crematory. The anticipation in the room was thick as the lucky winner was announced. It was a moment of pure joy and surprise, but more importantly, it symbolized the generosity of the community and their commitment to creating awareness and fighting cancer

The heart of “A Night in the Garden” was the community that came together to make it happen. People from all walks of life united in the name of a common cause. It showcased the power of unity, illustrating that when a community rallies together, incredible things can be achieved. The initial goal was ambitious, wanting to raise $20,000 for cancer research and support, however the event exceeded all expectations by raising over $32,000 to date. What's even more remarkable is that the event began with a ZERO budget! This achievement is a testament to the dedication of the visionaries, organizers, and the overwhelming support of the sponsors, attendees and those business owners who offered their services free of charge.

The event was not just about food, prizes, and fundraising. It was also a time for Mrs. Bonnie Causey and Chief Eric Lewis, who experienced cancer first-hand, to share their personal stories and insight. Their words of encouragement and knowledge left a lasting impact on everyone present. It demonstrated that even in the face of adversity, a community can come together to make a difference. The success of this event brings hope and reaffirms our commitment to the fight against cancer. As we look forward to more events like these, let us be inspired by the beautiful garden of hope that was A Night in the Garden. Let us continue to stand together raising awareness and funds to bloom a future without cancer.

In closing, “The Cancer Committee and Chesterfield Missionary Baptist Church along with our lead servant Dr. J.R. Matthews is beyond grateful to our Lord and Savior for blessing us to be able to help so many that would have been touched by this dreadful disease. With God's help and you the people we can continue to be a blessing to others like Jesus has been to us. We are grateful that God has answered our prayers. Amen!” - The Cancer Committee.

Keep Loving, Laughing, and Shining,

Tashena Chestnut

There is still time to give! Click here to visit our Givelify page and donate to the event by choosing the "A Night in the Garden Cancer Event" option.

Click here to view WFXB FOX TV's article on the event.

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